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Free “Organic” and “Vegan” wine delivery to your door! Delivered sustainably to Local SW london postcodes with the Whirly wine bicycle and trailer!

With the Ulez charge now spreading all the way across London, Whirly wine’s has become even more aware of the Eco Warrior thought process. I can no longer able to drive my van in London without being charged ULEZ so its time to deliver wine on a bicycle to all SW London postcodes free of charge.

With the celebration of this new idea, and to embrace Whirly wines “Green ” philosophy I am keen to show you why supporting your small, local wine sourcing business that still sources all its wines is a “win, wine” formula for you and your wallet! With this in mind I am delighted to offer you a celebratory introductory price of 6 wines that are “Vegan” and “Organic” and at at 20% discount on the price: so that’s a cost of only £48.00 for 6 bottles, £8.00 per bottle.

In this first offer let me please offer you 6 bottles of the new Alaris wine, made from 100% Arién varietal, from Aruspide in Central Spain, made under the ” Vino de la Tierra de Castilla” wine region. This wine is a perfect late summer white, lime and sherbet on the palate and with a positive acidity and easy drinking palate. Its only 11.5% alc vol and its very unusual to have 100% Arién grape in a bottle.

Free delivery to most local SW London postcodes with the Whirly wine bicycle and trailer but fear not, if you are further afield its only £4.95 extra for delivery ( Whirly wines is covering a large % of this delivery charge! More offers to follow soon!!)

Here is the link to the wine online. Please click on it and order! Please allow 4-5 days for delivery.

Thank you!

Mr Whirly

“Alaris”, Arién ( 100% single varietal), Bodegas Ados, Valpeñas, Spain

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“Organic”, “Vegan”, “Bio dynamic” = Sustainability; whats the gig man?

Mr whirly says;

” I talk to so many people every week about the above topics, and it’s surprising how so many people are still not aware or buying into the above words. In fact there are area’s in this country where people are actually turning against this ethos, at grass roots level. By that I mean that in farm shops, which is a market I sell these wines to, some of the people that run the farm shop have said to me recently that their customers don’t care about the word ” sustainable” at all and they are simply buying commercial wines at £8-10 from large commercial vineyards thats spray chemicals onto the vines most days that then soak into the earth. It’s absolutely incredible that we are not in the UK embracing this and its linked completely with the way we are walking into a climate crisis without a concern in the world for our carbon foot print. If we can’t get this right at the farm shop level, promoting sustainability and Organic wines ( that only use Copper and Zinc as natural sprays that do not affect the soil) then what chance do we have of getting this right at the supermarket level with the majority of society in the UK that still drive to the supermarket even though they live 500 yards away from it. We have absolutely no chance at all of changing things do we? How selfish can we be for the futures of our own children and their children if this attitude is still so prominent in our society? What chance do they have? Absolutely no chance at all.

So, please, please, please let’s support this ethos. You don’t have to buy wines from Mr Whirly and some of his “Organic” and “Vegan” wines of course ( but it would be great if you did) but when we are in the supermarket or in a farm shop, please lets look out for wines that are made in this way so we do our little bit. We have to do our little bit.

Please remember that Whirly wines delivers organic, vegan and bio dynamic wines free to your door, ( In postcodes SW16, 17, 18, 19, 20 as well as some SE postcodes) “Organic” wines that are “Vegan” ( no egg whites used in the fermentation process) and I use a bicycle to deliver these wines where possible too. So by ordering from Whirly wines you are doing your little bit. Below are a link to some wines online that are made with these feelings in mind, some great wines at the £10 mark from Alcardet and Aruspide in central Spain; a fabulous Bordeaux from Les Graves de Viaud in Blaye, just across the Gironde from St Julien and some Mehofer wines from Austria too. I am always looking to find new wines made in this way, but the process is not quick, but the targets this year are to find a Gamay from Beajolais and a Monastrell from Murcia.

Looking forward to your support and to delivery some great wines, made in the right way, free of delivery charge and at £10 a bottle to you soon! What could be better for you the customer than this offer.


Mr Whirly

“Chateau Les Graves de Viaud”, Côtes de Bourg, 2015,” Cuvée Prestige, Eleve en Futs de Chene, “Vin Biodynamique” et ” Organic”.

“Alaris”, Arién ( 100% single varietal), Bodegas Ados, Valpeñas, Spain

” Organic” Gruner Veltliner, 2019, Mehofer, Wagram, Austria

” Red for Tapas”, Tempranillo-Syrah, “Organic and Vegan”, ” Vinos Espana”, La Mancha, Spain

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October 2022 and moving into 2023…

Despite the very tricky times we have faced since the early part of 2022, Mr Whirly and Whirly wines still persues his passion for wines and trying to find unique wines at lovely prices for its clients, whether private, farm shops, small wine retailers and small restaurants.

But it’s not been easy. The Pandemic virtually killed off my restaurant market, only now beginning to recover and the farm shop market has suffered since the start of the year with the cost of living crisis. So it’s been a year of consolidation in 2022. Having said that I am still here and I am keen in 2023 to re-launch my wine business, travel and find some exciting new wines from the small, beautiful vineyard. In writing this, at Balnakeil Bothy opposite Cape Wrath, without my beloved Dash, whom I miss so very much but this does mean I can now travel to Italy and Spain in early 2023 and source some fabulous wines and write about my adventures in so doing.

In the meantime I have just imported this great wine below, made from the Airèn grape from Aruspide in Valdepeñas in the province of Ciudad Real in Castile- La Mancha. It’s a beautifully complex wine for the money ( it will be at the optimum price point of £10) and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I tasted it recently.

I will also create some exciting Australian mixed bottle gems for you to order in time for Christmas, combining older wines and the new wines that we imported at the beginning of the year from Passing clouds in Bendigo, 3 Drops in Mount Barker, Brick Kiln in Fleurieu and Lillypilly in Leeton. Please do keep an eye out for them But I shall send out posts too to remind you by email!

Thanks for your continued support, without you I cannot survive so remember shop local and support your local small wine importing business in SW16, South London!

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New Wines from Australia for Christmas….

It’s a great time of year to start to source and look for something really exciting for the festive season, whether it’s for your own personal consumption or as an individual and beautiful gift.

Look not further than here for such inspirations! I have already explained in the previous post about the lovely wines that Mr Whirly has imported from Alcardet in Spain: affordable, and yet well made wines that are “Sustainable” and look after the world and planet. Wines that you can buy direct from Mr Whirly, just please send me an email.

Just arrived this week are some new wines from Australia: its taken a while to get back to my old place, where I started to import wines from, but we have managed to focus on some sensational wines from some small vineyards that I have been working with for close to twenty years now. These wines are from the following vineyards & will be on the Whirly wine website next week for you to buy! If you would like to pre-order please do so at [email protected]

Three Drops, Mount Barker, Western Australia: Cabernet Franc 2018 and Shiraz 2018

Brick Kiln, McLaren Vale, South Australia: Brick Kiln Shiraz 2018

Passing Clouds, Bendigo, Victoria: Graeme’s blend 2018 ( Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz blend, a classic old school wine)

Lillypilly, Leeton, New South Wales; Lillypilly Noble Blend 2018 and Fiumara 7

Below is a press release from Three drops received from the owner, Joanne Bradbury. I am importing a new wine from them this December, their delicious Cabernet Franc

Media Release


3drops from Mt Barker has won one of the world’s most prestigious wine awards for its 2018 Cabernet Franc.

The wine was named Best Red in Show at the invitation only Global Fine Wine Challenge with results announced today.

It also won top trophy honours in the Class 15 – Cabernet Franc in the competition which features the best New World wines.

The competition is restricted to the top 120 wines from each country, including Canada, New Zealand, North America and South Africa.

Global Fine Wine Challenge Director, Ross Anderson said the award to 3drops “is a phenomenal result when you look at the wines they were up against, it is just staggering”.

Mr Anderson said the awards were akin to the Olympics of the global wine industry with countries competing against each other.

The awards, previously known as the Six Nations Wine Challenge (est: 2003) didn’t run last year because of COVID-19 restrictions, but in 2019 was dominated heavily by entries from New Zealand.

The 2019 Wine of Show went to Canada’s 2013 Cuvee Catharine Cart Blanche Blanc de Blanc from Henry Pelham Family Estate.

The 2019 Wine of Show went to Canada’s 2013 Henry of Pelham Family Estate Cuvee Catharine Cart Blanche Blanc de Blanc. The 2019 Red Wine of Show went to America’s Hartford Family Winery Dina’s Vineyard Old Vine Zinfandel 2016. New Zealand’s Church Road Grand Reserve Chardonnay 2018 took out the 2019 White Wine of Show.

The last time an Australian wine won Wine of Show was in 2017 when Xanadu Reserve Chardonnay 2015 took out the Chardonnay trophy, White Wine of Show and Wine of Show awards. 

There are no recorded Australian Red Wine’s having ever secured the Red Wine of Show trophy 

Owner of 3drops, Joanne Bradbury, said the award was a credit to the efforts of winemaker Rob Diletti who had been making 3drops wines since 2003 and to viticulturist Ray Williams who planted the original vines and still manages the Wragg Road and Patterson’s vineyards.

Ms Bradbury said the Cabernet Franc trophy and the Best Red of Show were 3drops most significant awards to date.

“We are excited and honoured that a Cabernet Franc grown on our family farm has been selected as the best red wine in the Global Fine Wine Challenge.”

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Wines for the festive season from “Mr Whirly”: sustainable “Organic” and “Vegan” wines as well as some more exotic offerings…

Mr Whirly says:

” It’s that time of the year again and it’s a lovely time to look forward to this oh so special time of the year that we hold so dear to our hearts here in this wonderful land of ours. A time where the family comes together and for the first time in two years we are able to enjoy Christmas once again in the proper way. I think therefore its a lovely time to eat and drink well but let’s drink with care and attention to the environment and also to ourselves. Drink in moderation. Drink less and drink better.

With this in mind I shall be putting together a few delights for you to enjoy. I will start with a mixed case of “Organic” and “Vegan” wines for all the family at a sensible price point, wines that have been made in a sustainable way for the soil and earth. There will be an affordable mixed dozen and half dozen available online from the 1st December and I shall send out a link in a post to both cases. As I always do at this time of the year I shall also put together a more salubrious offering for your to enjoy, as a half dozen that you can order as you wish, double up if you like and order 12.

Please do have a look at the wines online though. There are some fabulous vintages of old Bordeaux that I have added recently that would make some sensational gifts for Christmas, as well as Port from Porto: Lillypilly Fiumara 7 and Fortified 1998 Shiraz from Leeton Australia, that are the perfect match with Plum pudding and Stilton cheese; Magnums of Valpollichella that need to be opened 48 hours before Christmas day, to be the perfect match with Roast beef; Graziano Tocai Fruilano 2012 from Mendocino, California, perfect with a rich sticky toffee pudding and custard on the day or something similar: Lillypilly Noble blend 2012, perfect with a Steamed ginger pudding or fresh fruit salad. As well as these really individual offerings we offer Gin and Single malt Whisky by the bottle from small and local distillers as well as Olive oil from Velenosi in Marche, one of my favourite vineyards I work with. In short there are a host of lovely gifts for your family and friends that are being added all the time to the website on the online shop. But do look now, some of the wines are only available in very limited stocks and in order to guarantee delivery before Christmas, please order by December 20th.

Thanking you, happy hunting and any questions about the pairing of any wines with any food styles, so you can get the most out of each wine, please do email me direct and I will personally email you back just as soon as I can.”

Mr Whirly

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Bodegas Alcardet; ” Organic” and “Vegan” wines, ” Gea”range, Toledo, Spain. New wines have arrived into the UK, October 2021!!

As Mr Whirly indicated in the last post Whirly wines is focusing his wholesale business on Farm shops now, away from the trials and tribulations of the poor restauranteurs I have had the joy of working with for 20 years now. Sadly alot of my restaurant clients are no longer in business, due to Covid, so in order to survive, Mr Whirly and Whirly wines had to switch markets in the last year. This has been, as one can imagine, really hard work, but this core range of wines for farm shops, was inspired by a request by Joanna Hodgson at Piercebridge farm shop in County Durham, my first farm shop client & thanks to Joanna they have inspired my business to create this market.

The wines have just arrived from Toledo in Spain. They consist of the following wines, three whites and three reds;

Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Verdelho

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo

The wines are fabulous for every day drinking: the whites are crisp and clean and with positive acidity. The Reds are soft in tannins and easy to drink, fruit led but restrained.

The wines are £10.50 a bottle and can be bought privately by emailing me direct. Minimum order is 12 bottles. Please email me [email protected] or call me on 07821 968111

Thanking you

Mr Whirly

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‘Organic”, “Vegan” and ” Bio-Dynamic” wines are the focus for Whirly wines in 2021…

“Lets walk on with hope in our hearts for a brighter light ahead in 2021.” The focus for this year is undoubtedly going to be the sourcing of some quality “ Organic” and ” Vegan” wines at really competitive prices for wholesale and private clients. It’s what people are now looking for, wines that are “sustainably” made and wines that have that care and attention too. So trust in “Mr Whirly” and allow me to guide you through a list of wines that I already have that are “Organic” as well as some ideas for the future. Indeed very shortly I shall be posting on the e-commerce page a range of half a dozen ” Organic” wines for your to enjoy this March, discounted at 10% for you lovely, regular clients, who have supported me through thick and thin.

I have a great mixed case of wine on offer at the moment too, just in time for Easter. Click on the link below to have a peep! Click on the link below:

Whirly wine “Organic “offerings…..( delivered ” free to your door” in SW postcodes, whatever quantity you order)

Mr Whirly’s Organic, Bio and Vegan wines…..


Mehofer, Rose, 2019, ( 100% Zweigelt) “ La vie en Rose”, Mehofer, Wagram, Austria; ” Strawberry’s and Cream in a glass! A pure delight for this summer of 2020. This is a brand new line of wine for Mehofer so its really exciting to show you an Austrian Organic rose!”: £13.95


Gruner Veltliner, Klassik, 2019, Mehofer, Wagram, Austria: £13.50

Mehofer have been Organic for over 20 years. Gruner is the main white grape of Austria. Its soft, low in alcohol and is the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon wine whilst you prepare your roast. Apples and pears, slick and shiny with some fresh acidity.

Roter Veltliner, Klassik, 2019, Mehofer, Wagram, Austria: £13.95

” Roter ” means Red. ( Gruner is green) yet this is a white wine? Why? It’s picked before they turn red, hence there are no red grape skins to make the red wine. Roter is a little fuller than the Gruner. Still apples and pears but slightly riper and fuller yet it’s another slick offering from this talented young winemaker, Stephan Mehofer.

Riesling, Klassik, 2019, Mehofer, Wagram, Austria; £14.50

Dry Riesling. Not Sweet like a great deal of the wines from Germany next door. Another quality offering from Mehofer, pure, soft and elegant with some notes of fresh pear and quince and a little oiliness on the palate and a hint of petrol on the nose but by no means is it prevalent. Another top wine, another top vintage. Drink now or cellar for up to 5-7 years since it will develop in the bottle.


” Red for Tapas”, La Mancha, Spain: £9.75

New wine just arrived October 2020 for the Autumn. It’s all about Organic and Vegan and value for money when it comes to wine and this wine ticks all the boxes. Soft and gentle, this wine combines Syrah and Tempranillo, its very easy to drink and is rich with Autumn fruits of plum, blackberry and cherry on the palate. A winner of a wine at that crucial £10.00 price point mark. Give it a Whirl, you won’t be disappointed.

Rosso Piceno, 2017, “ Organic and Bio- Dynamic” Sangiovese & Montepulciano, Velenosi, Marche, Italy: £11.50

Montepulciano and Sangiovese, again the former taking the lead in the %, 70-30. Very elegant and fruit driven wine, really exciting offering with some bright acidity blended in with fruits like cherry, plum and violets. It can be drunk now or in the next 2-3 years.

“Chateau Domaine de Viaud”, “Cuvée Prestige”, Cote de Bourg, 2015, Bordeaux: £22.50 ( Vegan & Organic)

” Certified Organic , Vegan & Biodynamic ” Bordeaux is hard to find. Finding subtle and exciting Bordeaux with these add on’s even more tricky. The Bordelais are reluctant to change their philosophy over centuries, which is understandable and many grow their grapes in a ” Sustainable” way too.Philippe Betschart is a man I have known since 2009 when I first visited the vineyard and he was converting to this ” Organic” way. I subsequently bought the 2009 and 2010 vintages which were great vintages and very successful here in the UK. We now continue this relationship with the wonderful 2015 vintage, which is soft and so alluring. This wine is gentle at 13.5% alc vol, with some Autumnal berry fruit, tabacco and forest floor notes on the nose and palate. Its a beautifully balanced wine that I would recommend anyone who loves Bordeaux, but is often disappointed, to taste.”

Zweigelt- Cabernet, 2015, Klassik, Mehofer, Wagram, Austria: £15.95

“I love this wine! It’s perfect now as a match with duck and soft game. Its full of smokey summer fruits like strawberry and raspberry, but it’s not too fruity don’t worry. The Cabernet gives this wine depth and fullness.”

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‘The Perfect Pink? Why are we so obsessed in the UK by the colour of our rose?”

Rose. It’s the time in the year when all the UK wine people think about the rose they want to taste for the summer. Whispering Angel? Tempier’s Rose? Bandol? Rock angel? Yeah right! The common theme here is Angel! No let’s get serious about this. That is, that it has to say ” Cotes de Provence” on the label and it has to be as pale a pink as it can be. Correct sir! Why are we, the English, so obsessed by the colour of the rose? I agree colour is important. Years ago I imported a Greek rose and it was almost Red in colour. It could and would not sell so I ended up giving most of it away. But pale pink rose does not equate to quality and nor does ” Cote de Provence” either.

As Elizabeth David says in her marvellous book, ” French Provincial Cooking” first published in 1960 when she was well ahead of the game in terms of food she was discovering apricots in the 1960’s in St Remy de Provence:

” The meal in the hotel had been indifferent and the wine, one of those pink Provencal ones which one’s drinks because one is very thirsty after a dusty drive. But the apricots made up for everything.”

Clearly she was ahead of the game in the 1950’s, about Provencal Pale rose too! My point is just because it says Provence and its pale pink does not mean its good wine. I agree there are some good Provence rose’s my favourite are Domaine Ott, Tempier or my own Bandol from Chateau D’Azur. But the former two cost £25-30 a bottle! Let me ask you, is that value for money? No is my simple answer. So don’t be mugged by the colour of the rose and the word Provence this summer. Seek out other exciting wine regions that produce dry pale rose, and see if you can find something that drinks just as well but costs half the price. I leave it at that. Oh and one other thing, don’t buy 2018! I see so many online sites selling 2018 vintages for £25 plus a bottle. This is a rip off! The wine will not be drinking well, it will be tired and flabby.

“Drink Less, Drink better” Chateau Molhiere rose, 2019, Cote de Duras pictured below. £12.95 a bottle. Available online at the top of this page on Whirly wine online shop.

The Molhiere rose 2019 is super light in colour, very neutral and dry. On the palate its got real body, succulent mouthfeel and good length. So its a food friendly style and very hard to put down. Delightful stuff.Michael Rudko, Furzedown

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Whirly wines is very much “Open”, Offering “free Delivery to your door” of quality wines, “Organic” and from small Producers from a gallery of wines that Mr Whirly has curated over 20 years. Delivering free to Tooting, Balham, Streatham, Brixton, Wimbledon, Battersea, Earlsfield, Wandsworth ( SW19, 18, 17, 16, 12,11 & 2 postcodes)” delivering wine, “Organic and Bio”, “Vegan and very good too”, from the smaller producer, guaranteeing quality and value. Free local deliveries to your door in local postcodes.

It’s a a strange time I know. Please let me hand out a little joy to local people with a delivery of some wine that I know will put a little smile back on our face.

As we say in Liverpool, lets ” walk on with hope in your heart”

Here is a message of hope below.

A positive post – from a blogger in China, I read it this morning, and I think it has some really comforting words that we can take from it.

After only 7 weeks confinement -We are allowed to move around freely now with a green QR code that we show when we get our temperature taken. You get your temperature taken everywhere, and it’s just become part of the routine. Most restaurants and shopping centres are now open, and life is coming back to our city. 
As we watch the rest of the world begin their time inside; here are some of my reflections on the last seven weeks:
1. Accept that you have no control over the situation. Let go of any thoughts of trying to plan too much for the next month or two. Things change so fast. Don’t be angry and annoyed at the system. Anxiety goes down, and you make the best of the situation – whatever that might be for you. Accept that this is what it is and things will get easier. 
2. Try not to listen to/read/watch too much media. It WILL drive you crazy. There is a thing as too much! 
3. The sense of community I have felt during this time is incredible. I could choose who I wanted to spend my energy on – who I wanted to call, message and connect with and found the quality of my relationships has improved.
4. Appreciate this enforced downtime. When do you ever have time like this? I will miss it when we go back to the fast-paced speed of the ‘real world’.
5. Time goes fast. I still haven’t picked up the ukelele I planned to learn, and there are box set TV shows I haven’t watched yet.
6. As a teacher, the relationships I have built with my students have only continued to grow. I have loved seeing how independent they are; filming themselves to respond to tasks while also learning essential life skills such as balance, risk-taking and problem-solving, that even we as adults are still learning.
7. You learn to appreciate the little things; sunshine through the window, flowers blossoming and being able to enjoy a coffee in a cafe. 
To those just beginning this journey, You will get through it. Listen to what you are told, follow the rules and look out for each other. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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August 2019: Vegan wines from Aragon imported in August and some more wonderful Treixadura from Ribeiro…..

In August 2019 Mr Whirly has imported a fine array of new wines from Spain for you to enjoy. The wines are from Aragon in Spain, a lesser known wine region but a region with great history and which stretches from the Pyrenee’s in the North to almost as far south as Valencia in the South, in the neighbouring Province of Valencia. We also have a wine from Ribeiro in Spain, 700 kms west of here from an old favourite, Val de Souto whose Jose Manuel Blanco Perez is one one of the most passionate winemakers I know.

With these wines we have focused on some classic grapes from Aragon, Garnacha ( Grenache) and Macabeo and Treixudura and Godello from Ribeiro. All the wines are available to buy online on this website so go ahead and buy some!

The ” Follow the White Rabbit” wine already has a bit of a following in Europe, but not so much in the UK. Bodega San Gregorio produce a wine of great quality and with one of the funkiest wine labels I have ever come across. £10.95 a bottle in the shop and therefore great value. ( or buy slightly less online, £10.45)

From Care we have a Tinto Roble Garnacha, rated 90 points by Suckling recently. See his notes below, but for me it was ripe and fresh fruit with some tobacco and soft fleshy summer fruits. Great everyday wine for £11.50 ( £10.50 online)

Also from Aragon another Garnacha, this time from Chapillon. Another 90 pointer from James Suckling, this wine oozes class and is a soft and velvety wine, really easy to drink and with 12 months oak it is young still but very much a drinker now and into the next 5 years. See the notes below from Suckling. £17.50 here in the whirly wine shop in SW17 ( £16.25 online)

Lastly from Ribeiro, an old favourite from Jose Manuel Blanco Perez at Val de Souto. One of the most passionate winemakers I know this man really can make great wines. This 2018 vintage is change form the last vintages with a the dominant varietal being Treixadura with a little Godello. Its great to taste a wine with its very own identity. This wine has great complexity and texture and combines some aromatics with some herbaceous notes, honeysuckle with clover. Ages well to so one can drink now or in 2-3 years. £17.50 in the shop, £15.95 online)

I hope you get the opportunity to come into the Whirly Wine shop, 22 Ritherdon Road, London, SW17 8QD soon, since I need all the support I can get from the locals of SW16, 17 and 18. Remember, when you buy a wine from a small wine shop like Whirly wines you are supporting a small family and helping them to buy their daughters school uniform. When you buy wine from a supermarket it’s just lining the pockets of the Directors and hedge fund investors. Buy wine from a Specialist small wine shop and get guaranteed quality wine from a small producer….