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Whirly wine Aperitif bar and wholesale wine prices…..

The Aperitif bar has been open for a week now and although the weather has been against us in the first week with a great deal of running outside to rescue menus from the rain and hail, its been a positive start with an excited reaction from customers and locals, so thanks so much for that.

The Menu for this week is below! This week we introduced some Iberico Salami de Bellota and Locally baked Foccacia from the Elephant bakery in Streatham served with the wonderful olive oil from Velenosi in Marche that I import together with their very individual wines like the LaCrima.

I have changed the wine list this week and added the very unusual Willespie Margaret river White 2011 ( blended with their four main white varietals, Verdelho, Semillon, Sauvignon and Riesling), the Ribas Blanc 2012 from the oldest winery on Mallorca, over 300 years old now as well as the Perusini Ribolla Gialla 2014 from the glorious white wine region of Friuli in North East Italy that borders Slovenia and Austria. Stunning wine, so very fresh and clean with a citrus finish mixed with a little wax from the lemon skin! I look forward to welcoming you soon to the Aperitif bar and if you are interested in buying wines by the case the ex vat wholesale price list is now updated on this website. I can offer free delivery to you if you are a local SW postcode! Lastly the “Wine of the month” page will start again in May with some new wines from Gascogny that I am importing this week! Stunning Strawberry rose that will soon be served in the Aperitif bar very soon at around £1.95 for a 75 ml tasting glass, so not in anyway expensive! Enjoy Whirling!

Whirly Wine Aperitif Bar

Prosecco – Lemoss NV. Ca di Rajo, Treviso

Casal Garcia NV, Aveleda, Vinho Verde

Château Molhière, Sauvignon Blanc 2014, Côte de Duras

Willespie, “Margaret River White”, 2011, Western Australia

Ribas Blanc, Prensal Blanc-Viognier, 2012, Mallorca

Graziano, Chenin Blanc 2011, Mendocino

Perusini, Ribolla Gialla 2014, Friuli

Stefano Lubiana, Riesling 2010, Tasmania

Château Molhière, Cabernet Franc 2013, Côte du Duras

LaCrima di Morro 2014, Veleuosi, Marche

Shiraz-Viognier 2003, Cobaw Ridge, Macedon Ranges

Merlot 2010, Château Les Graves de Viaud, Côte de Bourg

Cold food..

“ Organic” Locally baked Foccacia with Velenosi Olive oil

Iberico Salami de Bellota ( 60 gms)

Arbquina Olives (75 gms) Frutos Secos ( 100 gms)

Salted Catalan Almonds (75 gms)

( Mr Whirly and Benn from Queensland, Australia on the opening day last week!)


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Ribas Blanc 2012

New wine arrival!!  November 2013

I tasted this wine in April 2013  when the weather was wet and changeable in Mallorca. I loved the wines depth and integrity: it has a real worthiness and direction to it.

This wine is made from 85% Prensal Blanc and 15% of the lovely Viognier grapes that they have here in Mallorca.

Mr Whirly says:

“ This wine has its own identity, which I like. Its full and rich with some lovely expressive fruit. The Prensal Blanc provides the fruit and the Viognier the depth. I think this would be a lovely bottle of wine for Christmas day morning to get you in the mood. It has a hint of Christmas spice to it, and all things nice! Once I have tasted the wine with clients in the next few weeks I shall add more detailed notes.

Alc vol: 13%

Winemakers tasting notes: ( to follow shortly)

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Ribas Sio Negre 2009

Ribas Sio Negre 2009

Sió wine was conceived in 2000 as a tribute to our grandmother Sió (the Majorcan diminutive of Concepció). An elegant, fresh, fruity wine with a mineral base owing to the predominantly calcareous soils of our vineyard

Winemakers Notes:

Vino de la Tierra Mallorca

Grape varieties:

50% Manto negro

25% Cabernet Sauvignon

15% Syrah

10% Merlot

Aging: 12 months

Barrel type: 50% new French oak and 50% second year French oak from Ribas de Cabrera.


The grapes are harvested by hand before being selected, grape by grape, and carefully prepared at the winery´s facilities. The grapes had to be scrupulously selected from the oldest Manto negro vine stocks, a Majorcan variety with amazing aromatic potential that adds a fruity aroma and warmth. It is complemented with 25-year-old vines of more structured varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Alcoholic Strength: 14.5%

Life: 8-10 years

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Ribas Negre 2009

New Arrival!

The new 2011 vintage arrived, November 2013….a little sweeter and subtler than the 2009. More tasting notes  to follow early in 2014.

On the 17th June 2011, I tasted this wine with Araceli and she told me:

“ The player in the team gives the fruit.”

She is refering to the grape, Mantonegra, which is an indigenous grape to this Mediterranean island. Its a lovely grape, it really gives this wine some wonderful fruit and intensity.

50-60% Mantonegra, 30% Syrah, Cabernet and Merlot make up the last 10%.

Mr Whirly says:

“ Plums, lovely fresh fruit, tabacco, great balance, intricate details, very exciting wine. A lovely sweet middle to the wine acquired from the Mantonegra grape, a berry found on this island.”

Winemaker’s tasting notes:

“ Since the beginning, our main concern when making this wine has been to capture the primary, fruity features of the Manto Negro grape.

And so, with a clear objective and after manually selecting the grapes (to overcome any variability in ripening of the young plants), the wine is fermented at moderate temperatures (~27º C) to avoid over-maceration. We then age some of the wine in 3 to 4- year-old casks, which enables us to prevent the excessive liberation of tertiary aromas or a hardening that the wine would not be able to survive. Blending this aged wine with another part of the wine that has been stored in stainless steel tanks intensifies its primary aromatic potential

The result can be found in its varietal aromas such as fresh red fruit (like blackberries or strawberries) and its mineral and spicy touches. A balanced palate once again emphasises the freshness of the fruit and the wine has a pleasant finish.

Alc vol: 14.5%

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Soma 2009

Ok. Ok Ok….

A fabulous most spectacular new wine that has been so popular its sold out! New vintage of the 2010, yet only managed to secure 200 bottles, arrives into the UK in October 2012.

Mr Whirly says:

“ This is a very exciting wine. And I know, I always say this you are saying to yourself but if you are going to buy one bottle of wine this year then its this one! This is a Viognier of epic proportions, really gorgeous fruit and  aroma’s leap out to you from the glass, not at all dried peaches like normally with this grape but tropical peaches, round and flat! I have yet to really assess this wine correctly, but will be tasting it in the next few weeks with clients around the country and shall come back to you with more thoughts!”

Winemakers Tasting notes:

“ This wine is the result of collaboration between Bodega Ribas and Sioneta Oliver who, in addition to forming part of the Ribas family, also owns a Viognier vineyard in the town of Consell.

The aim is to achieve the utmost offered by Viognier, a variety with great aromatic potential. The must is fermented at very low temperatures for over sixty days, ensuring a more delicate and selective extraction of the aromatic compounds.

Part of the wine is then put into new casks, where it spends 6 months, the rest being transferred to a tank where it is kept on its lees, becoming enhanced with mannoproteins and other components of the remains of yeast, making the wine more consistent and oily. “

Alc vol: 13.5%

Price: ( SOLD OUT)

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Mallorca: Bodegas Ribas, Cornell

I left for Mallorca back in June of 2011 and did not really know what to expect. I had heard some really good things about this great island and its winemaking skills. For more of my personal insight into my travels and discoveries please have a peak at my travel story page.

I am very lucky. In two days I discovered some great wines but none so more than at Bodegas Ribas, the oldest winery and Bodegas on the island, 300 years this year in August and the third oldest in Spain. I found Araceli, the owner, a complete delight to talk to and converse with. She was hard at work at the time but took time out to meet me and talk me through the ethos of the winery. What was really amazing was the fact that their vineyard manager has been with them for most of his life and he is now in his Nineties! That shows me the right kind of quality in terms of looking after fellow human beings.

I sat and tasted the following wines with Araceli and this followed an exciting tasting there a few days before, when their Soma 2009, a Viognier of extraordinary proportions, drew me back to the vineyard, since I simply had to have it! It is simply one of the best, if not the best wine I have imported!

The red wines are pretty special too. On tasting the Sio Collitta 2009 I think it needs a little more time in the bottle but the Ribas Negre 2009 is really quite splendid!

Please click on the wines below my logo to look at the specific wines.

These are such great wines. I am very proud to be offering them to you.

Below is a photo of the courtyard at the Bodegas and also of Araceli’s lovely hound!