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Wine of the Month: June 2020

Moscato D’Asti, ” Azienda Agricola Terrabianca”, DOCG, 2016

Mr Whirly says:

“Summer wines are wonderful. Are they not? It’s early June and the middle of summer, the longest day will soon be on us. I am going to take on another British fashion with wine and champion the slightly sweet, or even half dry, ” demi sec” wine now, since in this country, as soon as we say sweet we complete 3 doughnuts in our vehicle and head in the opposite direction. Why? Because rather like the colour of our rose we are averse to thinking anything slightly sweet is nice and enjoyable to drink. Moscato D’Asti is the most delightful and classy of wines, it really puts most Procecco in this country ( in the supermarkets at £7-£14 a bottle) in its place, since its so delicate and full of passion. This wine, from Asti in Northern Italy has so much class and on a joyful, happy June evening, sipping with some some close family and friends, in the garden, before you sit down for dinner it could not be more perfect. This wine is DOCG, a very specific and guaranteed area for the grapes, its like an elderflower frizzante, with summer flowers such roses and Jasmin too and its only 5% alc vol so perfect for a hot summers day or for my Mother in law to sip at over 80 years old too.”

Give it whirl, click on the link below to buy.

Give it a whirl, don’t let ” demi sec” or sweet put you off!