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Wine of the Month: August 2019

” Follow the White Rabbit”, Macabeo, 2018, Bodegas San Gregorio, Aragon, Spain…..

An array of wonder wines from Spain have just arrived in the last few weeks and we are going to kick off with this lovely wine from Aragon in the heart of the north of Spain. Macabeo is the main grape of Northern Spain and Southern France, where the countries meet at the Pyrenee’s. Its a weighty feel, but in a positive way, with some aromatic blossom and ripe melon on the palate.

Enjoy now in the Whirly wines shop, 22 Ritherdon road, Tooting, SW17 8QD

£10.95 a bottle

14.5 % alc vol

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August 2019: Vegan wines from Aragon imported in August and some more wonderful Treixadura from Ribeiro…..

In August 2019 Mr Whirly has imported a fine array of new wines from Spain for you to enjoy. The wines are from Aragon in Spain, a lesser known wine region but a region with great history and which stretches from the Pyrenee’s in the North to almost as far south as Valencia in the South, in the neighbouring Province of Valencia. We also have a wine from Ribeiro in Spain, 700 kms west of here from an old favourite, Val de Souto whose Jose Manuel Blanco Perez is one one of the most passionate winemakers I know.

With these wines we have focused on some classic grapes from Aragon, Garnacha ( Grenache) and Macabeo and Treixudura and Godello from Ribeiro. All the wines are available to buy online on this website so go ahead and buy some!

The ” Follow the White Rabbit” wine already has a bit of a following in Europe, but not so much in the UK. Bodega San Gregorio produce a wine of great quality and with one of the funkiest wine labels I have ever come across. £10.95 a bottle in the shop and therefore great value. ( or buy slightly less online, £10.45)

From Care we have a Tinto Roble Garnacha, rated 90 points by Suckling recently. See his notes below, but for me it was ripe and fresh fruit with some tobacco and soft fleshy summer fruits. Great everyday wine for £11.50 ( £10.50 online)

Also from Aragon another Garnacha, this time from Chapillon. Another 90 pointer from James Suckling, this wine oozes class and is a soft and velvety wine, really easy to drink and with 12 months oak it is young still but very much a drinker now and into the next 5 years. See the notes below from Suckling. £17.50 here in the whirly wine shop in SW17 ( £16.25 online)

Lastly from Ribeiro, an old favourite from Jose Manuel Blanco Perez at Val de Souto. One of the most passionate winemakers I know this man really can make great wines. This 2018 vintage is change form the last vintages with a the dominant varietal being Treixadura with a little Godello. Its great to taste a wine with its very own identity. This wine has great complexity and texture and combines some aromatics with some herbaceous notes, honeysuckle with clover. Ages well to so one can drink now or in 2-3 years. £17.50 in the shop, £15.95 online)

I hope you get the opportunity to come into the Whirly Wine shop, 22 Ritherdon Road, London, SW17 8QD soon, since I need all the support I can get from the locals of SW16, 17 and 18. Remember, when you buy a wine from a small wine shop like Whirly wines you are supporting a small family and helping them to buy their daughters school uniform. When you buy wine from a supermarket it’s just lining the pockets of the Directors and hedge fund investors. Buy wine from a Specialist small wine shop and get guaranteed quality wine from a small producer….