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“Organic”, “Vegan”, “Bio dynamic” = Sustainability; whats the gig man?

Mr whirly says;

” I talk to so many people every week about the above topics, and it’s surprising how so many people are still not aware or buying into the above words. In fact there are area’s in this country where people are actually turning against this ethos, at grass roots level. By that I mean that in farm shops, which is a market I sell these wines to, some of the people that run the farm shop have said to me recently that their customers don’t care about the word ” sustainable” at all and they are simply buying commercial wines at £8-10 from large commercial vineyards thats spray chemicals onto the vines most days that then soak into the earth. It’s absolutely incredible that we are not in the UK embracing this and its linked completely with the way we are walking into a climate crisis without a concern in the world for our carbon foot print. If we can’t get this right at the farm shop level, promoting sustainability and Organic wines ( that only use Copper and Zinc as natural sprays that do not affect the soil) then what chance do we have of getting this right at the supermarket level with the majority of society in the UK that still drive to the supermarket even though they live 500 yards away from it. We have absolutely no chance at all of changing things do we? How selfish can we be for the futures of our own children and their children if this attitude is still so prominent in our society? What chance do they have? Absolutely no chance at all.

So, please, please, please let’s support this ethos. You don’t have to buy wines from Mr Whirly and some of his “Organic” and “Vegan” wines of course ( but it would be great if you did) but when we are in the supermarket or in a farm shop, please lets look out for wines that are made in this way so we do our little bit. We have to do our little bit.

Please remember that Whirly wines delivers organic, vegan and bio dynamic wines free to your door, ( In postcodes SW16, 17, 18, 19, 20 as well as some SE postcodes) “Organic” wines that are “Vegan” ( no egg whites used in the fermentation process) and I use a bicycle to deliver these wines where possible too. So by ordering from Whirly wines you are doing your little bit. Below are a link to some wines online that are made with these feelings in mind, some great wines at the £10 mark from Alcardet and Aruspide in central Spain; a fabulous Bordeaux from Les Graves de Viaud in Blaye, just across the Gironde from St Julien and some Mehofer wines from Austria too. I am always looking to find new wines made in this way, but the process is not quick, but the targets this year are to find a Gamay from Beajolais and a Monastrell from Murcia.

Looking forward to your support and to delivery some great wines, made in the right way, free of delivery charge and at £10 a bottle to you soon! What could be better for you the customer than this offer.


Mr Whirly

“Chateau Les Graves de Viaud”, Côtes de Bourg, 2015,” Cuvée Prestige, Eleve en Futs de Chene, “Vin Biodynamique” et ” Organic”.

“Alaris”, Arién ( 100% single varietal), Bodegas Ados, Valpeñas, Spain

” Organic” Gruner Veltliner, 2019, Mehofer, Wagram, Austria

” Red for Tapas”, Tempranillo-Syrah, “Organic and Vegan”, ” Vinos Espana”, La Mancha, Spain