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“Black friday Sale!” New Organic and Bio Dynamic wines from Velenosi and Marche on sale tomorrow only!

I don’t normally get involved with ” SALES” its not my thing! But as this is possibly the last time I an do this then why not!

This fabulous wine below is just one example of one of the new wines that will be substantially discounted tomorrow, Black Friday 23rd November!

Sale price, Black Friday Friday 23rd November £12.50

New wine, just imported this week from Saint Saturnin in the Northern part of the Languedoc near Cevnnes. it’s a blend of mainly Merlot ( oaked in old French barrels) with a little Portan ( 30 %) 10% Grenache and 10% Syrah. Soft berry fruits, blackberry, sloes and elderberry with some cherries too and even a hint of summer flowers. A pure delight. fab wines for £13.95, sale price on Black Friday £12.50

750ml 13.5% alc vol





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New ” Organic and Bio Dynamic” wines arrive from Velenosi in Marche and Mehofer in Austria on the 5th November!

New wines!

The following wines have just arrived into the UK, 8th November 2018…..

These wines can all be bought online, so click on the link ” buy online” at the top of the site you can then put together a mixed case of these wonderful wines from there.

Mehofer, Wagram, Austria (Organic vineyard for over 30 years)

Gruner Veltliner 2017: £15.95

Roter Veltliner 2017: £18.25

Riesling 2017: £18.25

Zweigelt and Cabernet 2015: £19.50

Velenosi, Marche

Pecorino. DOCG 2017 : £21.00

Rosso Piceno DOC 2017: £15.50

Rosso Piceno DOC “ Bio and Organic” 2017: £18.95

Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2017; £14.50

La Crima de Morro D’Alba 2017: £16.95

Roggio Filare DOC 2013: £45.00

Visciole 2017: £22.50

Azienda Agricola Terrebianca

Moscato D’Asti 2016 DOCG: £16.50

Domaine de Melavielle, St Saturnin, Coteaux de Languedoc

“Charmille” “Organic and Bio Dynamic” 2016, (Syrah, Cab franc, Merlot and Portan blend): £12.85

If you would like to taste some of these wines please call simon on 07821 968111 or email me at [email protected] and lets arrange a tasting soon…



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Whirly wine Thursday tasting 16th June 2016 and Fathers day wines….

Good Afternoon this showery Tuesday Afternoon.

Last weeks tasting went down was very well received so I am keen to keep the weekly Thursday Whirly tasting going every week throughout the summer and get more people involved.

Below are details of this weeks wine tasting, please  double click on the flyer to see full details of the wines we are tasting this Thursday.

I am very excited that the new wines from Alain Normand, that arrived today from Macon will be showcased this week. These wines are very much his heart and soul wines: he has nurtured these small plots of land on the hills and gullies surrounding the hamlet of “La Roche Vineuse” for many decades and they really do show off his skilled winemaking and quality of fruit that his vines produce, oh so beautifully. Macon is the “workhorse” of Burgundy and therefore it does not get the credit it deserves. But in terms of quality and price Macon offers something that its more illustrious and famous appellations just north of here cannot come close to competing with. His red is a Gamay ( being so close to Beaujolais he is able to grow this grape) and I shall be serving this fruit driven, summer wine slightly chilled this week.  It rocks let me tell you! His White is the staple white grape of Burgundy however, Chardonnay, but unlike most wines from Burgundy its not oaked and therefore very fresh and easy to drink.

Please book in advance by calling me on 0208 672 2572 from the hours of 11 a to 7pm over the next few days and I shall book you in for this weeks Whirly Thursday tasting, which promises to be fun and also informative!

Don’t forget its fathers day this weekend!

I also have some lovely wines for mixed half cases and full cases of wines, or indeed and single bottles, so please come in and talk to me soon to discuss what your partner and indeed you both might like to share over lunch on Sunday! In this week are some really special wines from all over France (  Cote de Gascogne,  Cote de Bordeaux,  Cote de Duras, Macon and Champagne) so there will be a lovely choice of 10 new wines to chooses from as well as over 130 wines already in the shop, hand picked and tasted by Mr Whirly for you to enjoy! See you soon!


Mr Whirly





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Whirly wine Aperitif bar and wholesale wine prices…..

The Aperitif bar has been open for a week now and although the weather has been against us in the first week with a great deal of running outside to rescue menus from the rain and hail, its been a positive start with an excited reaction from customers and locals, so thanks so much for that.

The Menu for this week is below! This week we introduced some Iberico Salami de Bellota and Locally baked Foccacia from the Elephant bakery in Streatham served with the wonderful olive oil from Velenosi in Marche that I import together with their very individual wines like the LaCrima.

I have changed the wine list this week and added the very unusual Willespie Margaret river White 2011 ( blended with their four main white varietals, Verdelho, Semillon, Sauvignon and Riesling), the Ribas Blanc 2012 from the oldest winery on Mallorca, over 300 years old now as well as the Perusini Ribolla Gialla 2014 from the glorious white wine region of Friuli in North East Italy that borders Slovenia and Austria. Stunning wine, so very fresh and clean with a citrus finish mixed with a little wax from the lemon skin! I look forward to welcoming you soon to the Aperitif bar and if you are interested in buying wines by the case the ex vat wholesale price list is now updated on this website. I can offer free delivery to you if you are a local SW postcode! Lastly the “Wine of the month” page will start again in May with some new wines from Gascogny that I am importing this week! Stunning Strawberry rose that will soon be served in the Aperitif bar very soon at around £1.95 for a 75 ml tasting glass, so not in anyway expensive! Enjoy Whirling!

Whirly Wine Aperitif Bar

Prosecco – Lemoss NV. Ca di Rajo, Treviso

Casal Garcia NV, Aveleda, Vinho Verde

Château Molhière, Sauvignon Blanc 2014, Côte de Duras

Willespie, “Margaret River White”, 2011, Western Australia

Ribas Blanc, Prensal Blanc-Viognier, 2012, Mallorca

Graziano, Chenin Blanc 2011, Mendocino

Perusini, Ribolla Gialla 2014, Friuli

Stefano Lubiana, Riesling 2010, Tasmania

Château Molhière, Cabernet Franc 2013, Côte du Duras

LaCrima di Morro 2014, Veleuosi, Marche

Shiraz-Viognier 2003, Cobaw Ridge, Macedon Ranges

Merlot 2010, Château Les Graves de Viaud, Côte de Bourg

Cold food..

“ Organic” Locally baked Foccacia with Velenosi Olive oil

Iberico Salami de Bellota ( 60 gms)

Arbquina Olives (75 gms) Frutos Secos ( 100 gms)

Salted Catalan Almonds (75 gms)

( Mr Whirly and Benn from Queensland, Australia on the opening day last week!)


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Velenosi, Marche

My first venture into the delights of the Italian wine world where the romance and passion of the wines and people is so strong.


When I was in Los Angeles in April 2010 and about to get stuck by the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud I visited Pizzeria Morro, voted by local LA foodies in Zagats (USA version of the Good food Guide) as the most popular restaurant in this sprawling metropolis. I arrived at the restaurant, slightly worn out after a long walk from the Hollywood hills and Sean, the barman, looked after me beautifully, especially after he found out I was in the wine business. Within twenty minutes I had tasted five wines and one of them was the one on the right here. I visited the vineyard in November 2010, returned in late March 2011 to taste the new Vintage I started to import this wine, Lacrima di Morro from D’Alba, as well as a white grape from the area, Passerina in May 2011. They are wines that emphasise the beauty and romance of the wine business in Italy.


LaCrima di Morro D’alba, ( from D’Alba just east of Ancona) 2012

Mr Whirly says:

“ An extraordinary “Turkish delight” wine that really is very unique. I fell in love with this wine in Los Angeles 24 months ago and still love it. ”

Alc vol: 13.0%


Passerina 2012

Mr Whirly says:

“ A wonderful aperitif wine that exudes a sensuous bee’s wax feel with some honeysuckle aroma’s too. This wine originates around Ascoli Piceno in Marche.”

Alc vol: 12.5%


Visciole 2012

Mr Whirly says:

“ A top wine for all seasons. This wine rocks with Black forest gateau and Eton Mess.”

Alc vol: 14.5%

50 cl bottles ( very beautiful, see middle picture)

Winemakers tasting notes:

“ This is a traditional way of making pudding wine in Marche that dates back many centuries. It’s made my blending unripened black cherries with red grapes. The basic ingredient is sour cherries (called Visciola). Based on a traditional recipe, sour cherries are harvested, they ripen during the first weeks of July, and are left to soak in sugar, partly whole and partly crushed. This product is then decanted for a few days and finally filtered. A syrup with high concentration of sugar is thus obtained, which is then mixed with wine. Strawberry, raspberry, ripe wild cherries, jam aroma’s, scents of peach and ripe pear.”