I have always been in love with south west France ever since my parents bought a house down there near Bergerac in the foothills of the Dordogne in between Monbazillac and Duras.

With this in mind, on the 24th July 2011, I ventured south into this wonderland to eke out some gems from such sublime lands as The Var, Vaucluse, The Rhone, Bandol, High Languedoc Hills, Roussillon, Cotes de Catalane, Gascony and also Cotes de Duras. Sadly I cannot bring all these wines in at once since there are about twenty delights that I found but we have a wonderful selection of eight wines arriving in late September 2011 from the following regions and wineries, all hunted down in the last month! Please read the recent travel page for other wines tasted on this tour, which will give you ideas for future imports.

Please click on the links below:

Cote de Duras, Dordogne

Chateau Molhiere

Cote de Bourg, Bordeaux

Chateau les Graves de Viaud 2009

The Loire

Vincent Gaudry

Jean-Michel Sorbe

Emile Balland

The Rhone

Domaine Armand


Chateau D’Azur

Roussillon/Cotes Catalane


Domaine du Mas Rous


Domaine Allois

The Photographs below were taken on this trip and give an idea of the colour and vibrancy of these wine regions.

P1010773Sunflowers in Gascony

P1010728Sunrise in Banyuls- sur- Mer

P1010744Vineyards around Banyul

P1010711Apt, Provence