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Pinot Noir, “ The Bonython” 2007

Mr Whirly says:

“ A single vineyard Pinot Noir from one of the most intriguing cool climate Australian wine regions that is indeed a great area for this fickle grape. I love that this wine has a little bottle age and also that the intensity of the fruit on this wine combines with some really soft, subtle characters.  A little “farmyardy” on the nose but not oppressive. Only available, as are all wines from this vineyard in very small quantities. I expect this wine to be quite a long lasting wine that will only get better in the coming 2-4 years.”

Winemakers notes:

“ The Bonython is produced predominantly from the fruit of ten year old vines grown on our Bonython vineyard in the Piccadilly valley. A truly handcrafted wine from vineyard to bottle, it shows strawberry and cherry fruit characters with early complexity which will develop progressively with time. Unfined and unfiltered.”

Alcohol: 14.0%

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Merlot 2005

Mr Whirly says;

“ Mr Whirly’s first straight Merlot, moulded in Saint Emilion over centuries this wine is up there with some of the lovely wines from the right bank of the Gironde. Its a big wine mind.  It need’s a decanter!  I love the fact that it’s now almost 6 years old and when I tasted it recently it was still quite young in its makeup, surely a positive thing for a top quality Merlot from this great winery. Lovely intense autumnal berry fruit.”

Winemakers notes:

“ Grapes were sourced solely from the estate’s Bonython Vineyard planted in 1997. The wine was matured predominantly in French oak barriques prior to blending and bottling.”

Alcohol: 14.5%

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Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Voted second best Sauvignon Blanc by James Halliday in his wine companion for 2007.

Sadly this wine is now sold out, and a new vintage will I hope arrive in 2014

2009 Sauvignon Blanc ( arrived November 2010)

Mr Whirly says;

“This is probably the most beautiful compact wine region in Australia and possibly the most exquisite homestead to match. Benchmark, grassy and Bramley apple Sauvignon Blanc. Wonderful exuberant, mineral Sauvignon that impresses with its vitality from the single vineyard Bonython vineyard. I am not normally a massive fan of this varietal but this wine really does knock me sideways with its length and energy. Gooseberries on the palate big style!! This fruit is now so difficult to find in the UK it seems the only way I can get a smell of  it is to stick my nose in a bottle of this wine: it has  some Elderflower too with an added tropical pineapple depth. Gorgeous with a dozen Colchester or Belon natives down at my old haunt Bibendum Oyster Bar, which I managed for 4 years from 1994 to 1997.”

Winemakers notes:

“ A complex spectrum of aroma’s and flavours from grassy, herbaceous and citrus through to ripe tropical fruits will delight you. The Palate is fresh, dry and crisp. Grapes were hand-harvested from three small blocks on Stony rise, a south facing hillside at the Northern end of the Piccadilly valley.”

Price: (Sold out)

Alcohol: 14.o%

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Lillypilly Shiraz 2007

Mr Whirly says:

“Like the tactful 2003 Shiraz this wine does not suggest it’s in any way Aussie Shiraz at almost 10 pounds a bottle. Not as much toffee as the very popular 2003 vintage yet a wonderful example of a lighter, fresh Shiraz from Australia which is a welcome relief from the majority of bigger styles of this grape that we are normally use to. This is quite a feminine Shiraz from Australia, not at all “ big and brash and manly.”  Still holds some lovely sticky toffee pudding and caramel essences and more proof of how clever the winemaker is here at Lillypilly.”

Alcohol: 14.5 %

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Lillypilly 1998 VP

Mr Whirly says:

“ The 1995 vintage of this wine created quite a storm in the UK and this 1998 vintage, made from Chambourcin and Cabernet ( not Shiraz as in the 1995) is a little softer and rounder than the previous vintage, still with a rich caramel intensity but also with some Mocha coffee and dark Chocolate. Match this with Chocolate puddings, Plum pudding at Christmas and Rich Blue Cheese. I tasted this wine again a few days ago with Jason Atherton’s sommelier at his new restaurant that opens in April 2011 and its really come on well. Incredibly complex and layered now.”

Alcohol: 18.0%

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Lillypilly Tramillon 2008

Mr Whirly says

”  This exciting blend that has now been in the UK top end “ on-trade” and private client market for six years. Lychee, floral and spicy with a stronger hint of elderflower this year.”

75% Gewurtztraminer and 25% Semillon. Floral, limes and elderflower on the nose, with extra depth given by the Semillon. This wine looks after the “ off Dry” crowd that are sometimes so hard to look after ( that means there is very little of quality to look after you!). Great pouring wine for all year round, especially the summer and a wonderful alternative to Champagne.

Press article:

” The 2005 Tramillon is a great partner on the table with Indian food, its perfumed bouquet, fruitiness, slight sweetness and crisp finish making it an ideal match for this and other Asian dishes”

David Ellis, Melbourne Observer, March 29th 2006

Alcohol: 10.5%

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Lillypilly Noble Harvest 2006

2006 Noble Harvest

Please see the 2002 notes on the website for this wine. However,this year, the 2006 is made from a slightly different makeup of grapes, with Chardonnay replacing the Muscat and there’s a little more Semillon and Riesling in this wine and a little less Sauvignon blanc:

35% Semillon

25% Sauvignon Blanc

30% Riesling

10% Chardonnay

Robert Fiumara, winemaker:

“Even at 10% the Chardonnay definitely builds complexity in the wine, adding stone fruits to the bouquet and an extra dimension to palate texture, The aromatic varieties give real lift to the bouquet and there is plenty of zestiness and freshness on the palate.”

Mr Whirly says

“Its very similar to the 2002, a little fresher and not quite so rich but still the tropical fruits shine through like Mango, Kumquat and passion fruit. The alcohol is low at 12.5% and the wine is still a great match with more acidic puddings like Tarte Tatin and Lemon tart.”

Alcohol: 12.5%

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Lillypilly Noble Blend 2002

2002 Noble Blend:

See to see awards. 80% Sauvignon, 10% Semillon, 5% Muscat of Alexandria, 5% Riesling. Beautifully structured, more Coteaux de Layon than Sauterne, rich honey middle with passion fruit finish that goes on and on. Classic Tarte Tatin wine, multi faceted and talented and would match also summer fruit puddings, lemon tarts, mango sorbet and most tropical fruits.

Mr whirly says:

“This wine has received many accolades over the last 3 years and this has meant that the wine has sold very easily. The stock of this wine has now been reserved as a Museum wine here in the UK since there  is only a very small amount still available.”

Alcohol: 12.5 %


Austria: Wagram

“Mehofer”, Neudeggerhof, ( certified Organic wines)


My first wines from this country and what a find they are too!

I visited the vineyard in April 2013 and it was a lovely experience indeed. Stephan is a young winemaker, taken over the mantle from his father a few years ago of a family business established early in the Eighteenth Century ( do have peek at the film on You tube link on the ‘Why Whirly” page)

What amazed me was the quality, balance and structure of the wines given that six months earlier they were only grapes on the vines. They have great acidity and freshness with low alcohol levels too ranging between 10.5% and 12.5%. These are beautifully structured wines, full of joy and clarity and they know exactly what direction they are going in!

P1000224A picture of the vineyards of Mehofer from the gentle undulating hills above the valley near Neudegg

I will write in more details soon about these wines and give you more detailed tasting notes, but below are the wines I have imported from Stephan Mehofer, all the whites are 2012 and the Zweigelt is a 2010 vintage.

Mehofer Klassik Weib
2012 Wagram Gruner Veltliner Klassik: £7.95


Mr whirly says: “ really fresh and young Gruner Veltliner with hints of green apple. Wonderful value for an Organic Gruner. ”

2012 Wagram Riesling Klassik: £10.50


Mr Whirly says “ Another delight from Stefan Mehofer, young fresh Riesling ready for drinking now.

Mehofer Lagen

2012 Wagram Roter Veltliner Riesmein:

Mr Whirly says: “ much fuller than the Gruner this is the red version of that grape. Fleshy with red apples and a little Strawberry” : £10.95

2010 Wagram Zweigelt-Cabernet Sauvignon: £10.95

Mr Whirly says: “ A lovely `Autumn wine, smokey wild strawberries on the nose with some lovely farmyard essences too. The Cabernet gives the wine a little weight but this is a light red almost like a Pinot Noir or Gamay.”

P1000229A picture of Stephan in the “road” cellar that runs underneath the courtyard of his 18th century family home