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New wines

Its March 2019, Brexit is almost over ( please let it be over soon) and its time people started to drink some nice wine again! The drab, grey days of January and February are over, so is that phenomenon of Dry January (and now February or so it seems in SW17) so let’s celebrate the end of over 2 years of chaos and start to drink some fine wines again shall we! Remember ‘ Drink less and Drink better.”

So in order to lure you back into the whirly wine shop let me inform you about a few new wines imported from Whirly wines in the last few months.

Bonfanti, Valpollichella, Piedmont

From this wonderful little vineyard some really special wines. Amarone! Wow, what does this name conjure up in your mind! Big juicy, sometimes too big wines made from sun-dried grapes? Right? Bonfanti make presitgous wines of great quality and finesse. We have prestigous ” Valpolichella Amarone Gran Lombarda 2015″ DOCG, which needs 24 hours decanting time but its worth the wait. Also their ” Ripasso” Superiore 2016 and lastly their, ” Veneto Rosso Venitica Rosso Verona IGT, which is made from the same grapes as the Amarone ( Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella) but withouu the drying time. This wine is big but silky smooth and represents great value at £17.95 a bottle.

Manzone, Monforte D’Alba, Piedmont

I love Manzone’s wines. I simply adore them. Giovanni and Mauro make wines of real purpose and I admire their work and passion massively. In December 2018 Whirly wines imported some more of their wines which is a joy! They are listed below:

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New ” Organic and Bio Dynamic” wines arrive from Velenosi in Marche and Mehofer in Austria on the 5th November!

New wines!

The following wines have just arrived into the UK, 8th November 2018…..

These wines can all be bought online, so click on the link ” buy online” at the top of the site you can then put together a mixed case of these wonderful wines from there.

Mehofer, Wagram, Austria (Organic vineyard for over 30 years)

Gruner Veltliner 2017: £15.95

Roter Veltliner 2017: £18.25

Riesling 2017: £18.25

Zweigelt and Cabernet 2015: £19.50

Velenosi, Marche

Pecorino. DOCG 2017 : £21.00

Rosso Piceno DOC 2017: £15.50

Rosso Piceno DOC “ Bio and Organic” 2017: £18.95

Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2017; £14.50

La Crima de Morro D’Alba 2017: £16.95

Roggio Filare DOC 2013: £45.00

Visciole 2017: £22.50

Azienda Agricola Terrebianca

Moscato D’Asti 2016 DOCG: £16.50

Domaine de Melavielle, St Saturnin, Coteaux de Languedoc

“Charmille” “Organic and Bio Dynamic” 2016, (Syrah, Cab franc, Merlot and Portan blend): £12.85

If you would like to taste some of these wines please call simon on 07821 968111 or email me at and lets arrange a tasting soon…



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Autumn and Festive season wine tastings: Organic wines from the Wagram in Austria and Piedmont and Marche in Italy

Why not plan you own personalised wine tasting this Autumn and into the Festive season and utilise the expertise and individuality of your local wine shop and importer?

Organise your own wine tasting event at your local wine shop that imports all their own wines from the smaller producer.

Easy to organise:  Book online, get a group of 8-16 together for your party or event for this Autumn and Christmas. Fun and informative tastings ( not too serious don’t worry!)

What’s tasting good?

  • Autumnal wines, soft Austiran and Marche reds
  • Kick off with a lovely Nutty Sparkling from Nutbourne ( next door to Nyetimber) and then a couple of Whites from Nutbourne ( Bacchus and Chardonnay). Finish with a soft alluring ” Organic Zweigelt” from Austria and a big Syrah from Mount Barker, W. Australia. In December the focus will be on festive wines for Christmas.
  • 4-5 wines per tasting, 75ml measure and snacks for only £25.00


How to book?

email then book online on the website

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New” Organic” wines imported Summer 2018….

Its May 2018 and the summer has kicked in at last.

With this in mind over the next few weeks and months  i shall be importing a whole array of summer madness wines!

  • First of all, just in is the ” Wine of the Month” for May 2018, the lovely Organic Pinot Noir from Ricardelle de Lautrec.  Mr Whirly says:”  Its great to grab a wine of quality and excitement from a region that normally does not specialise in that varietal and in this case, with a Pinot Noir, made by a very small vineyard just north of Corbiere in the Languedoc, you get something really individual and exciting for your money. Fresh strawberry juice in the glass, really light and fresh wine juice. 13 % alc vol: £15.50 a bottle, available to buy online on the newly launched Whirly wine shop ( picture below)
  • Rose wines next! Soon in are some delightful Rose and Sauvignon Blanc ( both 2017 vintage) from Molhiere in Cote de Duras, FROM THE BARREL  in the Whirly wine shop by the 5th June 2018. So come in soon and fill up your wine bottle with great wine from a small producer in the Dordogne for only £8.50.










Continue reading New” Organic” wines imported Summer 2018….

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New wines for 2018: some ” Organic” Bordeaux from Chateau Grand Francais as well as” Organic” Tempranillo from Dionisos


January 2018: New imports from Whirly wines

There have been a flood of new wines imported for 2018, so its a pretty exciting time at Whirly wines, 22 Ritherdon road, London, SW17 8QD, whether you are coming to the wine shop or buying wholesale for your restaurant. All the prices below are Ex Vat.


My first “Organic and Bio-Dynamic” wines from this prestigious wine region. Unheard of, to be honest since they are pretty traditional here.  40 year old vines, Organic certified since 2002.

Chateau Grand Francais, 2015, “Cuvee Prestige”( un-oaked), AOC “ Organic” Bordeaux Superieur: 45% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc: clean, soft tannins, ripe berries plus a little cinnamon; modern Bordeaux: £14.95

Chateau Grand Francais 2015, Grande Cuvee ( Oaked )  AOC “ Organic” Bordeaux Superieur; 50% Merlot. 30% Cabernet sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc. Red cherry and black, fleshy and spicy. Modern day Bordeaux, juicy strawberry, blueberry on the nose, full of shine and brightness, sort tannins, with a creamy middle palate: £16.95

Cote de Duras

Chateau Molhiere: Terroirs de Duc 2015: new vintage of this Cabernet Franc and Merlot Stalwart imported, for many years now from close to childhood family cottage ; earthy, country red wine. £8.10


Domaine Ricardelle de Lautrec, Pay D’OC, “Organic and Bio”

Pinot Noir 2015: a new find that has been ringing well with many private and restaurant clients already. Its unusual to find Pinot Noir in Languedoc, hence this wine is bottled under AOC “ Vin de France”. Don’t let that put you off. Spicy and full Pinot, juniper and hedgerow berries. Exciting wine that represents great quality for the price: £11.50

Chardonnay 2015 ( un-oaked): Light fresh Chardonnay, not in anyway big and bold, in fact light and fresh. £11.00


La Tierra de Castilla, Valdepenas, PGI “ Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla”

Dionisos, Organic and Bio” Tempranillo 2015 ( aged in large amphorae clay pots, Roman style, please see the picture below). 100% Tempranillo, 13.5% alc vol, hand picked grapes, fermented with own wild yeasts in big amphorae pots, with thick walls in order to slow down the fermentation process.  Young appealing, deep and lively purple colour. On the nose great intensity and ripeness, fleshy and sweet red cherries. Milky enveloping notes on the palate with overwhelming energy. £13.00

Ribera del Duero

Meloso“ Joyen” 2016, 100% Tempranillo

An old favourite is back, beautifully rich yet sublime Tempranillo. This wine speaks volumes for this premium red wine region of Spain, surely take over from Rioja in that department, making wines fresher and easier to drink with no oak, which to me is a blessing. 30 year old vines, 14 days maceration with temperature controlled by water. 10,000 Bottles made, grapes picked 4th week in September; very light process of filtering and clarifying; £11.75


Val de Souto

Wines made with oh so much passion by Jose Manuel Blanco Perez. His wines speak volumes for the small winemaker making wines oh so exquisite.

Val de Souto 2016: another old favourite. Godello, Triexadura and Lourieira. Jose Manuel Blanco Perez makes wines of passion; he puts his soul into the wines. He works his land 365 days of the year, he rarely takes a holiday, this is his life. This wine has lovely aromatic qualities yet is dry on the finish. Honeysuckle and clover honey on the middle palate. A pure delight. £11.90

Benedictus Fructus 2015

Albarino and Godello. Left on the Lee’s for 5 months so pretty big and rich yet still oh so easy and beautiful to drink. This wine exudes class. High aromatic intensity, due to being left on the lee’s with great harmony and balance. Citrus, mandarin and grapefruit on the palate with some floral notes too. Only 4,000 bottles made. £16.75


Verona, IGT Veneto

Villa Aganoor”

From north west Italy and the home of Pinot Grigio some simple yet very well made wines for you for the front page of your list. With these wines i can offer you quality wines at a good price, around the £6.00 mark

Pinot Grigio 2016: weighty and complex PG, with apples and pears on the palate. A really pleasurable glass of wine. £6.25

Sauvignon Blanc 2016: clean, fresh zingy and lemony SB. Another simple yet very good wine for the money. £6.25

Merlot 2016: young, fresh perfumed Merlot, full of fresh young berry fruit. £6.25

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Sicily wines arrive September 2nd 2017……

Mr Whirly is very excited to present you ten new wines from his recent trip to Sicily in May this year, from the small “Cantine Gulino” in Siracusa, where the boot of Sicily kicks the football of Sicily and the place where civilisation was born in 800BC, we have an abundance of grapes specific to this small wine region; then from Castelvetrano, famous for its olives as well as its vines  that are very close to Port Palo, an old destination for myself, Simon and Becky Thomas and Bob Parkinson ( Owns ” Food by Bob” in Cirencester) from a few decades ago, since it has a great beach and restaurant called ” Vittorio’s”, we have some delicious low alcohol wines that offer wonderful value for money for the 750ml bottled Vermentino and Syrah as well as “Bag in Box” Cattarato and Syrah-Nero D’Avola from only £8.25 a 750ml bottle.

Pictured at the bottom of this post, the very special “Moscato de Siracusa” wines ( ” Don Nuzzo” and ” Jaraya”)  from this vineyard, grapes that are specific to Siracusa, sun dried off and on the vine and pure deliciousness in a glass, full of fresh figs and apricots. Then we have the ” Pretiosa” label, 100% Albanello, another grape specific to this delightful town,  this wine had really interesting palate of ripe Melon and Mediterranean sea salt and would be perfect with Scallops or some other shellfish. “Cantine Gulino” are the only producer that make the Albanello grape in a single varietal wine. Its beautifully different, therefore a great ” Whirly wine”. The Next white is ” Fania” a gorgeous Aperitif style wine, blending Fiano from Napoli and the ” King of Grapes from Sicily”, Insolia, to make a summer flower wine perfect as an Aperitif wine and with a light lunches. On a recent wine tasting tour with restaurant clients in Scotland and Wales this wine was the most popular of the white wines we tasted. Two reds wrap up this array of wines, the ” Fanus” which is an un-oaked wine, Nero D’Avola and Syrah, very earthy and natural in its style, very much a wine that allows both grapes to express themselves as they are and the “Dru’s”, 100% Nero D’Avola, the main red grape of Sicily and again the home of which is here; 12 Months on oak and seriously big yet refined juice. The reason why I am writing about these wines is because of this wine, tasted in London in January and now imported to the UK 6 months later. Buy it and enjoy it. Needs a nice steak or possibly Grouse, now that they are in season.

From Castelvetrano and ” Azienda Marzuco” we have four more wines that also show themselves off in a sunset over Mendocino light, but at a price point of £8.25 & £11.95 a bottle. Their Vermentino, a grape originally from Sardinia, is a more linear and tight version of the mould found in the island a few hundreds miles north of Sicily, but with a little time once you pull the cork it really begins to open up and blossom, with honeysuckle and flowers on the palate and nose. Their Syrah is at £11.95,

another great find, since its extremely rare to find a Syrah at only 12.5% Alc vol. It has hints of white pepper spice, but the colour and taste is more like a richer Pinot Noir to be honest. It also had some lovely spiced berry fruit, cherries and blackberries and really expresses itself very brightly and happily. Then the find of all the wines at the moment in your local SW17 wine shop is the Nero D’Avola and Syrah from Cantina Gulino out of the ” Barrel”, another light wine in colour and alcohol at 12.5% alc vol, simply bright red cherries in a glass and quite the most deliciously drinkable wine you will find in London at the moment at £8.25 a bottle. Their Cattarato- Trebbiano out of the barrel is pretty damn good too, at the same price, spicy stoned fruit wine, clean and zingy and so easy to drink. So Whirly wine now serves 5 wines for you from the barrel at an affordable price of under £10 a bottle so please come in, taste before you buy and there are not many wine shops you can do that in whatever city you are living in around the world, and support your local wine business. I am not in anyway expensive, no one can say that of Whirly wines and yet the quality of the wine, I can guarantee you, will far surpass anything from my supermarket friends around each corner of Ritherdon road. So come into your local wine business, support Whirly wines NOW….

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New wines just arrived from Greece: August 6th 2017

” Greece is the word!”

Its great to have some some new exciting wines in the shop and having had the wines in the shop now for a week I am pleased with the way they are tasting and being received. The range is good too, since I am now able to offer wines for as little as £8.50 for the Ionos White and Rose from Achaia, made from ancient Greek grapes, Roditis and a little Muscat and Syrah. The middle wine in the photo is a fragrant elderflower and Thyme dry Muscat, well worth the price tag of £11.95 then you have two reds, a 100% Agiorgitiko, a herbaceous, earthy and slightly bitter red, 2010 that needs a little time to get going but is another worthy cork opener at £13.75 then on the far right the Cuvee 111; a blend of Agiorgitiko, Mavrodafne and Cabernet, quite rich and with some ripe berry fruit but delicious with some big red meats, £14.70. So do come in soon and give these Greek gods a whirl, they are well worth a splash out of the bottle and a whirl!


Mr Whirly


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June 22nd 2017! New rose from Molhiere just arrived, by the litre bottle as well as 750ml bottle


For the first time Mr whirly has imported some rose for you to have by the litre! From the fabulous Blancheton Brothers in Cote de Duras, a stones throw from Cote de Bordeaux, we have a their new 2016 Cab Franc and Merlot rose, very light in colour with hints of summer fruits. Hand pressed, plunged and made its a truly lovely rose for the money. I only have 120 litres for you for your litre bottle for the summer so once its gone its gone! Price for the Litre is £11.90 and for the bottle its £10.50….you can try it before you buy it too! I Look forward to welcoming you to the the whirly wine shop soon at 22 Ritherdon road, London, SW17 8QD…


Mr Whirly



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New Wines for the Summer 2017…

After recent tours to Sicily, Slovenia, Croatia and Friuli, Mr Whirly is looking forward to importing a whole bunch of new wines for the summer months for you to get into and whirl frantically.  Below are a list of wines by country that I expect to have in the UK over the next 2-8 weeks ( written 17/05/17)

( all prices are with VAT included)


Ionos white, a blend of Moscato and Roditis and a wine from a larger producer but a great summer wine and will be around £8-9. Also some Moscato from Patras and some Mavro Dafne from Nemea, a big red wine. Price point on these final two will be around £12


Following a trip last week to Siracusa and Castelveltrano the plan is to bring in some new wines for Bag in Box this summer. Some Lovely  Nero D’Avola/Syrah blend and Bianco Siciliana that will sell at £10.50 for a litre. Also from Castelveltrano some Vermentino and Syrah from “ Donna de Coppa” at around £11.00. From Siracusa and Cantine Gulino some very special wines:  Albanello, Fiano/Inzolia blend, Nero D’avola and Syrah/Nero blend. Oh and some sumptuous sweet Moscato de Siracusa. These wines will cost between, £14-£20 a bottle depending on the wine.


My old favourite Chateau Molhiere will be providing me with some rose for the 1 litre bottles soon which will cost £11.50 for a litre.  Although be warned I am only buying 120 litres so it wont last that long.I shall also have their rose by the bottle for £9.95. Its very good and the right colour, pale pink and dry! From “La Bouysse” their Organic Cyprius is a blend of Vermentino, Macabeau and Grenache Blanc. Simply stunning summer white. “Chateau D’Azur” and their Bandol rose ” Jardin de Soleil” 2016 will be purchased in small parcels as well as a little Jurancon Sec from “Camin Larredya”, discovered last July. Another summer delight!


From the mainland and Velenosi in Marche I shall soon have some of their very simple but good Rosso Piceno 2016 and also their Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2016, which will both be priced at around £10 a bottle, I hope just under. Also their Organic Rosso Piceno 2016 which is a delight at £12-13 full of fresh berry juice. Some La Crima 2016 too I hope, an old favourite since its a great wine for the summer chilled as well some some of their White Passerina. Both will be priced around the £14 mark.


After a couple of visits from “Tenute Olbios” I simply have to have a little of their wines for the summer since they are so good. Their Cave rose is a very funky yet lovely rose and the Lupus in Fabula is possibly the best Vermentino I have ever tasted. These wines are also Vegan friendly. Great wines but like most wines from Sardinia they are mid priced. The rose will be around £16 and the Lupus close to £20.

Thats should keep you busy this summer. Pop into the shop soon, the first wines from Greece and Cote de Duras should be here in a few weeks….




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The Autumn! A host of new wines here in the UK from Whirly wines….


As I have just hinted at on the new Wine of the Month page, with the Autumn setting in and the change of season comes a host of new wines and an abundance of grapes are being picked across the Northern hemisphere, from Mendocino to Slovenia and Barolo to New York state! So its a fabulous time to tell you about new wines that Mr Whirly has found in the last six months and imported from Wagram and Niederosterreich in Austria, Limeray on the Loire, Limoux, Bandol and Corbiere in the South of France, Macon and Bordeaux! Phew, there’s a lot of wine to look at in the shop here in SW17 so please do pop in soon!img_0899

(from left the Sparkling wines from Robert in Limoux, 2015 Mehofer Gruner and “Late Harvest” Gruner from Bayer and the amazing Bandol Rose from Chateau D’Azur)

Do you know we are now serving our ” Post Referendum ” wines here in the shop. Come on in and have a look and taste the Corbiere wines from La Bouysse that I am serving out of the barrel. The wines are red and white, Carignan and Viognier based from a very small producer that I visited when I was down in Corbiere on the 27th June. They really are stand out wines and perfect for that relaxed mid week meal when you don’t want to spend a fortune on wine but need something great for £7.00. And thats what its costs! ONLY £9.50 for a 1 litre bottle! The wines really are very well made, the Carignan energetic and full of summer berry fruits, really juicy and the Viognier wine is again exciting and savoury with some hints of green herb too. So I urge you to pop in soon and see how Whirly wines is revolutionising the choice of wines that you can find in Tooting and Balham.

These PR wines aside, its a problem where to start since there are so many wonders just in! Like a little boy in sweet shop I am indeed. I think we have to start with Limoux! What and where I hear you say! Limoux is a town and wine region just east of Corbiere, which is just south of Carcasonne. Limoux makes sensational and individual sparkling wines and yet no one know’s about them which is a terrible shame. So its time to taste and get a feel for Limoux. I have imported two wines from Robert the ” Blanquette de Limoux” Domaine de Fourn” Brut and the ” Carte Ivoire” which is a little demi sec but both are quite delicious and a lovely intermediate wine between Procecco and Champagne at around £15 here in the shop.

Also from “Domaine La Bouysse ” we have their savoury and slightly minty Viognier 2015, very fresh and easy to drink at £12.95 here in the shop and straight out of the tank. Their Carignan 2015, pictured below with the Viognier is juicy, energetic and full of summer fruits with a really clean nature and is priced at £13.35 in the shop.


Also just arrived from Austria are new vintages of the ever exciting and fresh ” Organic” wines of Stefan Mehofer in Wagram. His wines have been so well received in the last few years and their Gruner veltliner in particular, has a very passionate following around the UK now from my restaurant clients. Their Gruner 2015 sings fresh apple and pear and is also only 11.0% alc vol. Price: £12.75. Also in are new vintages of his smokey red Zweigelt and Cabernet 2013, top billing for a light juicy Autumnal red at £14.50. New vintages of his Riesling 2014 ( £15.25) and Roter Veltliner, fuller and richer than the Gruner, 2014 at £14.95. From Bayer in Niederosterriech I have their “Envoy” 2015 Gruner. I thought this wine was so clean and fresh when I tasted it and its in such contrast to the Gruner from Mehofer. Picked a month or so later, I imagine in late October 2015, you can really see the difference when the grape is ” Late Harvested”, with a little more sugar inside, this wine would match some spicy Thai or Vietnamese food perfectly. Rich ripe pear on the nose and palate with some ripe plum too, price is £16.95 here in SW17.

More to follow…the perfect rose, Chateau D’Azur 2015 ” Le Jardin de Soleil” and why rose should be drunk not just in the summer months. October offerings too with some new Chenin and Malbec from Prevote in the Loire. Its not Vouvray I know, but I tell you what, in terms of mouthfeel these wines wrap you up and they are wonderful value compared to more famous Chenin neighbours like Vouvray and Savenniere.


Mr Whirly