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New wines: Late summer and Autumn 2020

Despite the tricky times Mr Whirly has been very busy in the summer of 2020 sourcing some fabulous new wines from vineyards that I have worked with in the past as well as new vineyards too!

Summer 2020

Imported in the last few months the following wines from Chateau Molhiere, Cote de Duras and Mehofer in Wagram, Austria who makes wonderful ” Organic ” wines and have done for almost 30 years. The Mehofer vineyard is featured on Jancis Robinson’s website too.

More details to follow.

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New wines! April 2020…

The Molhiere rose 2019 is super light in colour, very neutral and dry. On the palate its got real body, succulent mouthfeel and good length. So its a food friendly style and very hard to put down. Delightful stuff.Michael Rudko, Furzedown

It’s that time again, the winter is over, we are very much into Spring and its time to buy wine again. This year, of all years it seems more important than ever, as we are gripped by a virus that keeps us at home, home schooling can be taxing and so by the time we get to 6pm we actually crave something nice! Let’s face it we deserve it. So drink something nice, ” Drink less and Drink better” and make sure you buy a wine that is from a small vineyard, because you know what, it will be made so much better! Small is beautiful!

So what’s in the pot for the summer then….Well it has to be rose of course. “Just in” is the old favourite from the Dordogne, Chateau Molhiere, ” Terroirs de Ducs” 2019 Rose, 2019 Sauvignon Blanc and 2018 Cab Franc-Merlot red.

All these wine are now online to buy at £12.95 a bottle. They are great French country wines that offer wonderful quality wines from a small producer at a sensible price. The rose this year is extremely pale, paler than the last few years, in fact almost onion skin in colour. Its more versatile than a Provence rose, being a little fuller so will take food really well too. Give it a whirl! If you are local to SW16, 17, 19, 18,11 and SW2 you can order a couple of bottles and its “Free delivery to your door too”!

Click on the link below to order

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“FREE WINE DELIVERY” TO SW16, SW17, SW12, SW19, SW2 and to be honest most SW postcodes….

Whirly wines is very much “Open”, Offering free Delivery to SW16, SW17 and SW12 Postcodes” delivering wine, “Organic and Bio”, “Vegan and very good too”, from the smaller producer, guaranteeing quality and value, during the Corona Virus crisis. Free local deliveries to your door in local postcodes.

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August 2019: Vegan wines from Aragon imported in August and some more wonderful Treixadura from Ribeiro…..

In August 2019 Mr Whirly has imported a fine array of new wines from Spain for you to enjoy. The wines are from Aragon in Spain, a lesser known wine region but a region with great history and which stretches from the Pyrenee’s in the North to almost as far south as Valencia in the South, in the neighbouring Province of Valencia. We also have a wine from Ribeiro in Spain, 700 kms west of here from an old favourite, Val de Souto whose Jose Manuel Blanco Perez is one one of the most passionate winemakers I know.

With these wines we have focused on some classic grapes from Aragon, Garnacha ( Grenache) and Macabeo and Treixudura and Godello from Ribeiro. All the wines are available to buy online on this website so go ahead and buy some!

The ” Follow the White Rabbit” wine already has a bit of a following in Europe, but not so much in the UK. Bodega San Gregorio produce a wine of great quality and with one of the funkiest wine labels I have ever come across. £10.95 a bottle in the shop and therefore great value. ( or buy slightly less online, £10.45)

From Care we have a Tinto Roble Garnacha, rated 90 points by Suckling recently. See his notes below, but for me it was ripe and fresh fruit with some tobacco and soft fleshy summer fruits. Great everyday wine for £11.50 ( £10.50 online)

Also from Aragon another Garnacha, this time from Chapillon. Another 90 pointer from James Suckling, this wine oozes class and is a soft and velvety wine, really easy to drink and with 12 months oak it is young still but very much a drinker now and into the next 5 years. See the notes below from Suckling. £17.50 here in the whirly wine shop in SW17 ( £16.25 online)

Lastly from Ribeiro, an old favourite from Jose Manuel Blanco Perez at Val de Souto. One of the most passionate winemakers I know this man really can make great wines. This 2018 vintage is change form the last vintages with a the dominant varietal being Treixadura with a little Godello. Its great to taste a wine with its very own identity. This wine has great complexity and texture and combines some aromatics with some herbaceous notes, honeysuckle with clover. Ages well to so one can drink now or in 2-3 years. £17.50 in the shop, £15.95 online)

I hope you get the opportunity to come into the Whirly Wine shop, 22 Ritherdon Road, London, SW17 8QD soon, since I need all the support I can get from the locals of SW16, 17 and 18. Remember, when you buy a wine from a small wine shop like Whirly wines you are supporting a small family and helping them to buy their daughters school uniform. When you buy wine from a supermarket it’s just lining the pockets of the Directors and hedge fund investors. Buy wine from a Specialist small wine shop and get guaranteed quality wine from a small producer….

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New wines: July 2018

Chateau Molhiere, Cote de Duras, Dordogne: “Terroir de Ducs”, Rose, Sauvignon Blanc and Cab Franc-Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon

Its rose time so it’s very much time to talk about the New wines in from the old stalwart, Chateau Molhiere in the Dordogne.

I have been lucky enough to work with The Blancheton Brothers at Chateau Molhiere in Duras, 25 miles south of Bergerac in the Dordogne for 15 years. I have been drinking their wines since the 1980’s when my parents bought a ramshackle of a cottage down in this beautiful part of SW France. These brothers make exquisite wines at great prices, tiny production, ultra care and attention. Their rose has been a great success over the last three years here in the Whirly wine shop and it arrived into the UK this last week with their zingy Sauvignon Blanc, tight and citrusy with its own Cote de Duras indentity and their Cab Franc, Sauvignon and Merlot red. Order some rose now if you can, since when its gone it won’t be back! Made from Cabernet Franc and Merlot varietals its pale pink in colour and dry with some lovely summer fruits on the palate and ample weight to take food as well. 

Also imported with the Rose is their ‘Terroir de Ducs’ Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet franc based red, which is blended with a little Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Pop into the shop soon and order some or Buy online. The rose won’t be around for ever so don’t delay! £12.95 per bottle, 13.0 % alc vol

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New wines

Its March 2019, Brexit is almost over ( please let it be over soon) and its time people started to drink some nice wine again! The drab, grey days of January and February are over, so is that phenomenon of Dry January (and now February or so it seems in SW17) so let’s celebrate the end of over 2 years of chaos and start to drink some fine wines again shall we! Remember ‘ Drink less and Drink better.”

So in order to lure you back into the whirly wine shop let me inform you about a few new wines imported from Whirly wines in the last few months.

Bonfanti, Valpollichella, Piedmont

From this wonderful little vineyard some really special wines. Amarone! Wow, what does this name conjure up in your mind! Big juicy, sometimes too big wines made from sun-dried grapes? Right? Bonfanti make presitgous wines of great quality and finesse. We have prestigous ” Valpolichella Amarone Gran Lombarda 2015″ DOCG, which needs 24 hours decanting time but its worth the wait. Also their ” Ripasso” Superiore 2016 and lastly their, ” Veneto Rosso Venitica Rosso Verona IGT, which is made from the same grapes as the Amarone ( Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella) but withouu the drying time. This wine is big but silky smooth and represents great value at £17.95 a bottle.

Manzone, Monforte D’Alba, Piedmont

I love Manzone’s wines. I simply adore them. Giovanni and Mauro make wines of real purpose and I admire their work and passion massively. In December 2018 Whirly wines imported some more of their wines which is a joy! They are listed below:

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New ” Organic and Bio Dynamic” wines arrive from Velenosi in Marche and Mehofer in Austria on the 5th November!

New wines!

The following wines have just arrived into the UK, 8th November 2018…..

These wines can all be bought online, so click on the link ” buy online” at the top of the site you can then put together a mixed case of these wonderful wines from there.

Mehofer, Wagram, Austria (Organic vineyard for over 30 years)

Gruner Veltliner 2017: £15.95

Roter Veltliner 2017: £18.25

Riesling 2017: £18.25

Zweigelt and Cabernet 2015: £19.50

Velenosi, Marche

Pecorino. DOCG 2017 : £21.00

Rosso Piceno DOC 2017: £15.50

Rosso Piceno DOC “ Bio and Organic” 2017: £18.95

Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2017; £14.50

La Crima de Morro D’Alba 2017: £16.95

Roggio Filare DOC 2013: £45.00

Visciole 2017: £22.50

Azienda Agricola Terrebianca

Moscato D’Asti 2016 DOCG: £16.50

Domaine de Melavielle, St Saturnin, Coteaux de Languedoc

“Charmille” “Organic and Bio Dynamic” 2016, (Syrah, Cab franc, Merlot and Portan blend): £12.85

If you would like to taste some of these wines please call simon on 07821 968111 or email me at and lets arrange a tasting soon…



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Autumn and Festive season wine tastings: Organic wines from the Wagram in Austria and Piedmont and Marche in Italy

Why not plan you own personalised wine tasting this Autumn and into the Festive season and utilise the expertise and individuality of your local wine shop and importer?

Organise your own wine tasting event at your local wine shop that imports all their own wines from the smaller producer.

Easy to organise:  Book online, get a group of 8-16 together for your party or event for this Autumn and Christmas. Fun and informative tastings ( not too serious don’t worry!)

What’s tasting good?

  • Autumnal wines, soft Austiran and Marche reds
  • Kick off with a lovely Nutty Sparkling from Nutbourne ( next door to Nyetimber) and then a couple of Whites from Nutbourne ( Bacchus and Chardonnay). Finish with a soft alluring ” Organic Zweigelt” from Austria and a big Syrah from Mount Barker, W. Australia. In December the focus will be on festive wines for Christmas.
  • 4-5 wines per tasting, 75ml measure and snacks for only £25.00


How to book?

email then book online on the website

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New” Organic” wines imported Summer 2018….

Its May 2018 and the summer has kicked in at last.

With this in mind over the next few weeks and months  i shall be importing a whole array of summer madness wines!

  • First of all, just in is the ” Wine of the Month” for May 2018, the lovely Organic Pinot Noir from Ricardelle de Lautrec.  Mr Whirly says:”  Its great to grab a wine of quality and excitement from a region that normally does not specialise in that varietal and in this case, with a Pinot Noir, made by a very small vineyard just north of Corbiere in the Languedoc, you get something really individual and exciting for your money. Fresh strawberry juice in the glass, really light and fresh wine juice. 13 % alc vol: £15.50 a bottle, available to buy online on the newly launched Whirly wine shop ( picture below)
  • Rose wines next! Soon in are some delightful Rose and Sauvignon Blanc ( both 2017 vintage) from Molhiere in Cote de Duras, FROM THE BARREL  in the Whirly wine shop by the 5th June 2018. So come in soon and fill up your wine bottle with great wine from a small producer in the Dordogne for only £8.50.










Continue reading New” Organic” wines imported Summer 2018….

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New wines for 2018: some ” Organic” Bordeaux from Chateau Grand Francais as well as” Organic” Tempranillo from Dionisos


January 2018: New imports from Whirly wines

There have been a flood of new wines imported for 2018, so its a pretty exciting time at Whirly wines, 22 Ritherdon road, London, SW17 8QD, whether you are coming to the wine shop or buying wholesale for your restaurant. All the prices below are Ex Vat.


My first “Organic and Bio-Dynamic” wines from this prestigious wine region. Unheard of, to be honest since they are pretty traditional here.  40 year old vines, Organic certified since 2002.

Chateau Grand Francais, 2015, “Cuvee Prestige”( un-oaked), AOC “ Organic” Bordeaux Superieur: 45% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc: clean, soft tannins, ripe berries plus a little cinnamon; modern Bordeaux: £14.95

Chateau Grand Francais 2015, Grande Cuvee ( Oaked )  AOC “ Organic” Bordeaux Superieur; 50% Merlot. 30% Cabernet sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc. Red cherry and black, fleshy and spicy. Modern day Bordeaux, juicy strawberry, blueberry on the nose, full of shine and brightness, sort tannins, with a creamy middle palate: £16.95

Cote de Duras

Chateau Molhiere: Terroirs de Duc 2015: new vintage of this Cabernet Franc and Merlot Stalwart imported, for many years now from close to childhood family cottage ; earthy, country red wine. £8.10


Domaine Ricardelle de Lautrec, Pay D’OC, “Organic and Bio”

Pinot Noir 2015: a new find that has been ringing well with many private and restaurant clients already. Its unusual to find Pinot Noir in Languedoc, hence this wine is bottled under AOC “ Vin de France”. Don’t let that put you off. Spicy and full Pinot, juniper and hedgerow berries. Exciting wine that represents great quality for the price: £11.50

Chardonnay 2015 ( un-oaked): Light fresh Chardonnay, not in anyway big and bold, in fact light and fresh. £11.00


La Tierra de Castilla, Valdepenas, PGI “ Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla”

Dionisos, Organic and Bio” Tempranillo 2015 ( aged in large amphorae clay pots, Roman style, please see the picture below). 100% Tempranillo, 13.5% alc vol, hand picked grapes, fermented with own wild yeasts in big amphorae pots, with thick walls in order to slow down the fermentation process.  Young appealing, deep and lively purple colour. On the nose great intensity and ripeness, fleshy and sweet red cherries. Milky enveloping notes on the palate with overwhelming energy. £13.00

Ribera del Duero

Meloso“ Joyen” 2016, 100% Tempranillo

An old favourite is back, beautifully rich yet sublime Tempranillo. This wine speaks volumes for this premium red wine region of Spain, surely take over from Rioja in that department, making wines fresher and easier to drink with no oak, which to me is a blessing. 30 year old vines, 14 days maceration with temperature controlled by water. 10,000 Bottles made, grapes picked 4th week in September; very light process of filtering and clarifying; £11.75


Val de Souto

Wines made with oh so much passion by Jose Manuel Blanco Perez. His wines speak volumes for the small winemaker making wines oh so exquisite.

Val de Souto 2016: another old favourite. Godello, Triexadura and Lourieira. Jose Manuel Blanco Perez makes wines of passion; he puts his soul into the wines. He works his land 365 days of the year, he rarely takes a holiday, this is his life. This wine has lovely aromatic qualities yet is dry on the finish. Honeysuckle and clover honey on the middle palate. A pure delight. £11.90

Benedictus Fructus 2015

Albarino and Godello. Left on the Lee’s for 5 months so pretty big and rich yet still oh so easy and beautiful to drink. This wine exudes class. High aromatic intensity, due to being left on the lee’s with great harmony and balance. Citrus, mandarin and grapefruit on the palate with some floral notes too. Only 4,000 bottles made. £16.75


Verona, IGT Veneto

Villa Aganoor”

From north west Italy and the home of Pinot Grigio some simple yet very well made wines for you for the front page of your list. With these wines i can offer you quality wines at a good price, around the £6.00 mark

Pinot Grigio 2016: weighty and complex PG, with apples and pears on the palate. A really pleasurable glass of wine. £6.25

Sauvignon Blanc 2016: clean, fresh zingy and lemony SB. Another simple yet very good wine for the money. £6.25

Merlot 2016: young, fresh perfumed Merlot, full of fresh young berry fruit. £6.25