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‘The Perfect Pink? Why are we so obsessed in the UK by the colour of our rose?”

Rose. It’s the time in the year when all the UK wine people think about the rose they want to taste for the summer. Whispering Angel? Tempier’s Rose? Bandol? Rock angel? Yeah right! The common theme here is Angel! No let’s get serious about this. That is, that it has to say ” Cotes de Provence” on the label and it has to be as pale a pink as it can be. Correct sir! Why are we, the English, so obsessed by the colour of the rose? I agree colour is important. Years ago I imported a Greek rose and it was almost Red in colour. It could and would not sell so I ended up giving most of it away. But pale pink rose does not equate to quality and nor does ” Cote de Provence” either.

As Elizabeth David says in her marvellous book, ” French Provincial Cooking” first published in 1960 when she was well ahead of the game in terms of food she was discovering apricots in the 1960’s in St Remy de Provence:

” The meal in the hotel had been indifferent and the wine, one of those pink Provencal ones which one’s drinks because one is very thirsty after a dusty drive. But the apricots made up for everything.”

Clearly she was ahead of the game in the 1950’s, about Provencal Pale rose too! My point is just because it says Provence and its pale pink does not mean its good wine. I agree there are some good Provence rose’s my favourite are Domaine Ott, Tempier or my own Bandol from Chateau D’Azur. But the former two cost £25-30 a bottle! Let me ask you, is that value for money? No is my simple answer. So don’t be mugged by the colour of the rose and the word Provence this summer. Seek out other exciting wine regions that produce dry pale rose, and see if you can find something that drinks just as well but costs half the price. I leave it at that. Oh and one other thing, don’t buy 2018! I see so many online sites selling 2018 vintages for £25 plus a bottle. This is a rip off! The wine will not be drinking well, it will be tired and flabby.

“Drink Less, Drink better” Chateau Molhiere rose, 2019, Cote de Duras pictured below. £12.95 a bottle. Available online at the top of this page on Whirly wine online shop

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New wines! April 2020…

It’s that time again, the winter is over, we are very much into Spring and its time to buy wine again. This year, of all years it seems more important than ever, as we are gripped by a virus that keeps us at home, home schooling can be taxing and so by the time we get to 6pm we actually crave something nice! Let’s face it we deserve it. So drink something nice, ” Drink less and Drink better” and make sure you buy a wine that is from a small vineyard, because you know what, it will be made so much better! Small is beautiful!

So what’s in the pot for the summer then….Well it has to be rose of course. “Just in” is the old favourite from the Dordogne, Chateau Molhiere, ” Terroirs de Ducs” 2019 Rose, 2019 Sauvignon Blanc and 2018 Cab Franc-Merlot red.

All these wine are now online to buy at £12.95 a bottle. They are great French country wines that offer wonderful quality wines from a small producer at a sensible price. The rose this year is extremely pale, paler than the last few years, in fact almost onion skin in colour. Its more versatile than a Provence rose, being a little fuller so will take food really well too. Give it a whirl! If you are local to SW16, 17, 19, 18,11 and SW2 you can order a couple of bottles and its “Free delivery to your door too”!

Click on the link below to order

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Wine of the Month: May 2020: Chateau Molhiere, “Rose” ” Terroir des Duc’s” 2019, Cotes de Duras.

It”s got to be pink has it not? We are all, it seems obsessed by the pink stuff, as we enter Summer and the tinge and palest of pinks too it has to be ( Why are we so obsessed but this in the UK? I am about to cover this in my blog page, please have a read soon.) This is indeed pale! Very pale. It’s almost onion skin in colour even. Made from Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes, its very versatile and will take food as well as being a great summer aperitif style wine. It’s fuller than a Provence rose but ultra slick and dry.

Great value too at £12.95

750 ml 12.5 % alc vol