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Wines of the Month: November 2017

November wines of the Month…..

Its an all italian affair but from opposite ends of the country: Verona in the North east and Sicily in the South west.

Its all about simple wines that offer great value for money here in the wine shop. I have made a massive effort this year to curb my desire to buy lush, expensive premium wines since generally people want to have good wines at under £10.00 a bottle. So from Verona and Villa Aganoor some simple yet very drinkable wines that are only £8.75 a bottle.

Pinot Grigio 2016: Vibrant and weighty Grigio, not insipid and dull like some many of this varietal at the price point. Lemony fresh, clean yet with some fruit and weight.

Sauvignon Blanc 2016: lemon and limes on the palate and nose.  At this price point I just want people to have a glass then to want another one. I manage to achieve this with all these wines from this vineyard

Merlot 2016:  Fresh, young Merlot, not oak, soft tannins and fruit led. No gimmicks, does what it says on the can.

On the left in the picture below are the two wines from Azienda Marzuco in Castelvetrano, South West Sicily. So Far in the shop these wines have been a delight to sell to customers here on Ritherdon road. The Vermentino is not at all like the wine made in Sardinia, its home. Its not so fragrant and floral, its more linear and steely but with that lovely Mediterranean sea salt mouth feel blended with some ripe Melon. Its a great addition to the shelves here at Whirly wines and together with the 12.5% alc vol Syrah, soft white pepper, red cherry and blackberry lead wine, which really is very different since its so light and fresh so perfect with some wild pigeon or partridge just coming into season now in your butchers windows or farmers markets stalls. I love this wine. At £12.95 here in the whirly wine shop it rocks too. Great value and great quality wine and its by far the most popular wine in terms of sales for the last 8 weeks. Come on in soon and give it a whirl, if you are lucky there will be one open you can try before you buy!


Mr Whirly