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February 2017 ( missed out Dry January) Wine(s) of the Month, Stefano Lubiana wines from Tasmania

I have been lucky enough to work with one of the best Winemakers on “The Apple Isle”  for about 10 years now. His wines are classic in their makeup with the added twist of Tasmanian Terroir.  Stefano Lubiana has been making some of the most subtle and exciting wines out of Tasmania for many a year now. I visited the vineyard in 2006 and in the last 11 years his reputation has only grown as being one of the most eagerly followed winemakers from the Antipodes.

These new wines from vineyards on a steep slope above the slow, meandering Derwent river and emphasise the class and quality of his winemaking.

Primavera ( Spring time in Italian) are his range of wines that offer a little more value for money than his Estate wines. The difference between the two wines is that the Primavera is cropped at a higher level and at 8 tons per hectare, fermented in stainless steel and 50% in mostly older oak, 50% Malo and aged for less time in the barrel and bottle before released. Its therefore signifi- cantly more affordable than the “Estate” wines. The “ Estate” wines are cropped at about 4 tons per hectare, 100% barrel fermented and about 30-40% new oak, 100% Malo and 12 months in oak. Available in small quantities in the the shop at 22 Ritherdon road, SW17 8QD. Call simon on 0208 672 2572 if you have any questions….or email me at