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Riberach Blanc, Synthese, 2012

New wine arrival, November 2013 and a  new wonderful wine to whirl!

My first white from Riberach, who are now a fully accepted Bio-Dynamic and Organic vineyard. These guys know how to make wines,

As they say themselves:

“ we are 4 friends, is an idea of old vines on schist and granite soils at high altitude, is a matter of philosophy reflected in 30,000 bottles and 10 hectares of vines.”

This wine is oh so subtle, so light and fresh. Most wines form this part of France are not like this, then again this wine is not like most wines. Look at the grapes: Grenache Blanc ( sexy grape is ever there was one) Carignan ( I have yet to find out if they are from the 100 year old vines growing out of the Granite rock that I went wild about in August 2011)and  the local grape, Maccabeu. An infinitely superior wine and one that I think many of my clients, including my best man, need to try!

Mr whirly says: ( wine tasting notes to follow once I have tasted this wine with clients)

Winemakers tasting notes: ( to follow shortly)

Alc Vol: 12.0%